Caleb Babin

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Work Experience

CircleClick, April 2016 / present

[Full Stack Web Developer]

Worked out of college as a contractor for 2 years with Circle Click before going full time with them.

Created many fully responsive websites and web applications from designs created internally and by various clients.

Implemented many different and unique animations using CSS and JavaScript, while maintaining a minimum performance and compatibility threshold.

Seamlessly integrated an extensive variety of third party APIs into websites. From Mailchimp to Google Analytics, and even the Ethereum blockchain on occasion.


Subscription Gifting Leaderboard

[Twitch Extension]

This was a simple project created for a single live streamer on twitch, however it became unexpectedly popular due to its simple design and functionality.

At peak, over 50k active channels had this extension installed. Causing over 3 million API requests per day*. The API had to be rapidly optimized and scaled due to this traffic, this was done by optimizing the server and implementing CloudFlares caching services on the API.

*Currently averages at 3 million requests per day from an average of 1 million "unique visitors" according to CloudFlare.